Introducing a new fragrance by Olga Litvinenko.


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Introducing a New Scent: An interview with Lola and Leone Founder, Olga Litvinenko

Photography By CHICHI UBIÑA

Olga Litvinenko was born in Kiev, Ukraine and moved to the U.S. with her family when she was three years old. Raised in Greenwich, Connecticut and an athlete in high school, Olga was no longer able to participate in sports after an injury and decided to compete in a pageant. At 17 years old, she won the Miss Connecticut Teen USA 2007 title. Her love for the beauty, fragrance and the fashion industry flourished as she prepared for the Miss Teen USA competition on live telecast. After obtaining her B.S. in Finance & Marketing from Syracuse University in 2012, she started to compete in pageantry again and was crowned Miss CT USA 2017. Towards the end of her reign, Olga dedicated herself fully to Lola & Leone and feels it is a privilege to be able to share this fresh, clean and sophisticated scent with the rest of the world.

Tell us about your inspiration to start a perfume company.

The inspiration to start a perfume company stemmed from a tragedy. I had survived an accident where my friend had drowned. It was at this time that I realized how valuable life was and the importance of making the best of every moment. With that, I continuously told myself that I should love who I am (and every imperfection that exists), be true to who I am, passionate about what I do, embrace creativity and help others. Furthermore, I attended a black-tie gala at Grand Central Station where various guests came up to me and asked about the perfume brand that I was wearing because it smelled so good and was ‘lingering in the ballroom.” From this, I realized that I should make Lola & Leone public and would be able to have a positive impact on people through scent. It’s why I like to say that we’re “making a difference, one scent at a time.”


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A New Fragrance by Olga Litvinenko

Lola & Leone, a new fragrance by Olga Litvinenko, had its formal debut at a black-tie gala in Grand Central Station years after its inception in the South of France. Lola came across the fragrance as she was primping for the event and uncovered the secret that had been hiding in the bottle. She wore the perfume, and various attendees inquired about her essence throughout the evening. It was then that Lola decided to make it available to the rest of the world.

The essence of Lola & Leone is fresh, clean and sophisticated. The hand-signed, limited edition 100ml 3.3 FL OZ. Eau De Parfum includes a refined combination of wood oils, rose, pear, orris, bergamot, star anise and gardenias. It leaves a positive and lasting impression while manifesting a ‘scentsation’ on those who wear it. The company is currently headquartered in Greenwich, CT and is looking forward to a continued global expansion through their website,, and select retail locations.

The name has both meaning and purpose: combining the name of a friend who tragically drowned when Lola was twenty-three years old with her own. It was when Lola met the death of Leone that she realized life’s purpose: to love thyself and to leave a legacy of creativity, passion, and sincerity while making a difference . . . one scent at a time. Lola & Leone will be donating a portion of profits to select charitable organizations.



Создательница аромата Lola & Leone Ольга Литвиненко убеждена, что на любви и созидании строятся не только успешные проекты, но и жизнь в целом. Ее философия, заключенная в изящный флакон, символизирует торжество оптимизма и чувственности.

Ольга Литвиненко родилась в Киеве. Когда ей исполнилось три года, благодаря возможности отца открыть бизнес в Америке
и матери, выигравшей в лотерею грин-карту, семья иммигрировала в США. Там Ольга изучала английский и испанский языки,
занималась большим теннисом, баскетболом и верховой ездой. Однако в старшей школе девушка получила спортивную травму,
и большой спорт пришлось оставить. Вместо этого Ольга решила принять участие в конкурсе красоты Miss Connecticut
Teen USA 2007, в котором заняла первое место. С того времени и началась ее любовь к индустрии красоты. В 2012
году Ольга Литвиненко окончила Сиракузский университет, получив степень бакалавра финансов и маркетинга. В 2017 году она
участвовала в конкурсе красоты Miss Connecticut USA 2017, который увенчал ее короной победительницы. В настоящее время Ольга живет в Киеве и управляет собственной парфюмерной компанией Lola & Leone, штаб-квартира.


Аромат Lola & Leone был придуман Ольгой на юге Франции во время ее учебы за границей. По возвращении в США ее пригласили на торжественный гала-концерт, где она благоухала собственным парфюмом. Он вызвал неподдельный интерес
у окружающих, и Ольга решила, что пора познакомить мир со своим творением. На тот момент Ольга работала в сфере финансов
и маркетинга, а компания Lola & Leone стала ее творческим проектом.

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On Thursday, June 14th, Olga Litvinenko, Miss Connecticut USA 2017 and Miss Connecticut Teen USA 2007, introduced her new fragrance, Lola & Leone, to the Greenwich, CT market.  McArdles’ beautiful bouquets of flowers provided the perfect backdrop as guests sipped Whispering Angel rosé and indulged in freshly catered paella while experiencing the sophisticated essence of Lola & Leone, in both Eau de Parfum and candle form.  It was a treat for the olfactory sense, and the experience was scentsational!


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Greenwich resident and former Miss Connecticut USA Olga Litvinenko poses for a photo at the Lola & Leone Launch Party.

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